Navigating Websites and Browsers

Website Legitimacy

A list of precautions to take when using the internet to avoid scams, fraud, and fake websites.

URLs and Web Addresses

Information on web address and what they mean. 

Domain Name Extension Definitions

What each domain means about a site!

Microsoft Windows and Office

GCF Global – Office

How to use Office of any version, all in one helpful place!

GCF Global – Windows

All the Windows basics, from starting out with the operating system, changing settings, and other common tasks, 

Microsoft Supplied Training

Straight from the creators, simple how to videos and instructionals on how to use their software.

Access | Excel | OneNote | Outlook | PowerPoint | Publisher | Word

Digital Literacy

Microsoft Digital Literacy Course

A course made by Microsoft to teach the basics of computer usage, concepts, and skills. Simply click ‘Start the Course’ to begin!

Alison Online Courses

A mixture of courses on anything computer and technology related, many are more advanced, but they also have the basics!

Technology Planning

Technology Guide and Lifecycles

How long hardware and software is useful and operational for your library

Sample Technology Plan

Taking note of what you have, where you have it, and what your plan for the future is.