District Team

Barbara McGary

District Administrator 

Barbara McGary is the Executive Director of the James V Brown Library and Administrator for the North Central Library District headquartered at James V Brown Library. Under Barbara’s leadership and administration, the district team provides quality service to 44 libraries in the North Central Library District. Barbara advocates for and supports library services on the state level as a member of the Legislative Committee of the Pennsylvania Library Association.

Contact Barbara via email: bmcgary@jvbrown.edu or phone 570-326-0436, ext. 102

Kristin Caringi

CFO of the James V Brown Library

Kristin Caringi is the CFO of the James V Brown Library and assists member libraries with financial questions, planning, and 5 year projections.  

Contact Kristin via email: kcaringi@jvbrown.edu or call 570-326-0536, ext. 101

June Houghtaling

District Consultant

June Houghtaling is the Consultant for the North Central Library District. June provides individual consulting on a wide range of library issues including strategic planning, policy making, orientation for new directors, and board development among others.  With the guidance of administration and members of the district, June plans continuing education workshops.  She is also a member of the PA Forward Star Libraries Team and Public Relations and Marketing for the Pennsylvania Library Association. 

Contact June via email: jhoughtaling@jvbrown.edu or phone 570-326-0536, ext. 196

Kate Shaw

Interlibrary Loan

Kate Shaw is Technical Services Librarian in charge of interlibrary loan at James V Brown Library. Kate processes all interlibrary loan requests from district members. Kate loans items from the James V Brown Library’s collection, Lycoming Library System collections, through AccessPA’s Shareit System and through OCLC for those hard to find items.

Contact Kate via email at kshaw@jvbrown.edu or call 570-326-0536 ext. 103.

Douglas Harkness

IT Professional

Doug Harkness is the IT Professional for the James V Brown Library and serves the libraries in the North Central Library District. Doug is available for consultation, technology mapping and inventory, troubleshooting, and maintenance and repair.

Contact Doug via email at district.it@jvbrown.edu or call 570-326-0536 ext 190.

Nina White

Children’s Services

Nina White is the Youth Services Coordinator for the James V Brown Library and also serves as Youth Services Consultant for the District. Nina provides consultation to member libraries in the area of baby, toddler, youth, tween and teen programs and services. Nina is a member of the Pennsylvania One Book Committee and helps in the creation and development of content for the One Book trunks and activity guide.
Contact Nina via email: nwhite@jvbrown.edu or phone 570-326-0536, ext. 145.

Toby Schwartzman

Reference Services

Toby Schwartzman is Public Services Director for the James V Brown Library and serves as reference librarian for the District. Toby is available to answer tough reference questions, and support collection development.

Contact Toby via email: tschwartzman@jvbrown.edu or phone 570-326-0536, ext. 103

Sue Mayschock

Overdrive Services

Sue Mayshock is the AV Specialist for the James V Brown Library and develops the eBranch2Go collection through Overdrive. Sue also provides technical assistance and training in the use of Overdrive and compiles monthly statistics for members.
Contact Sue via email: smayshock@jvbrown.edu, or phone 570-326-0536, ext. 122.

Jamie Mahoney

Graphic Artist

Jamie is the Graphic Artist for the James V Brown Library and provides graphic arts/marketing assistance for district member libraries. Contact Jamie via email: jmahoney@jvbrown.edu or phone 570-326-0536 ext. 105.