North Central Library District

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19 East Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 326-0536
Fax: (570) 323-6938

For Our District Members

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We offer a large variety of services including:  reference, postage paid interlibrary loan, continuing education opportunities for library boards and staff, ebooks and audios, cataloging assistance, and website services.


If you have any questions, we are here to help find the answer. Our advisory services are provided to local library directors, trustees, municipal officials, and the people we serve.

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If you wish to have some more in-depth discussions, our consultation services are provided to member libraries in the areas of strategic planning, grant writing, board development, marketing and advocacy.

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About Us

The State of Pennsylvania is divided by Commonwealth Libraries into 29 geographic regions called districts. Within each district, the State Librarian designates one strong library as the District Center. The James V Brown Library is the District Center for the North Central Library District. James V Brown Library provides support services to 40 state-aided libraries in 45 facilities across an 11 county area in north central Pennsylvania. The North Central Library District is the largest geographic district in the state. It is comprised of 4 federated systems, 2 consolidated systems, and 9 independent libraries. For the North Central Library District, James V Brown Library employs 1 full-time District Consultant and 1 full-time Youth Services Consultant. Other James V Brown Library staff work to provide interlibrary loan, an eBooks and audios platform and other services for district member libraries. We serve as the liaison and channel of communication between local libraries and the Office of Commonwealth Libraries.