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Available Kits

Forensic Science Detective’s Toolkit (Quantity: 2) | Ages 8 and up

Develops observation, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Promotes an interest in forensic science and technology. Includes over 30 pieces of lab supplies and a detailed guide book. Required AAA battery is not included

Calling all forensic fanatics! A new detective is needed, are you up for the case? Practice your powers of deduction on this case from the bureau of criminal investigation. The 48-page, full-color experiment booklet guides your investigations with rich illustrations and step-by-step instructions—it also provides a detective check-list and tips from pro detectives! 17 in-depth experiments show you how to locate evidence at a crime scene, decipher secret messages, test for counterfeit currency, secure fingerprints and footprints and create a crime scene report complete with sketches. In the Forensic Science Detective’s Tool Kit you will find a multi-purpose pen, stickers, fingerprint powder, tongue depressors, a magnifying lens, crime scene notepad, chalk, barrier tape and so much more—over 33 pieces in total! Made in Germany. Designed exclusively for MindWare by Thames & Kosmos.

Amazing New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit (Quantity: 2) | Ages 7 to 12

Tools for fingerprinting, spotting invisible marks, ink analysis, impression tests, hair, fiber and mysterious substances tests. A  CD-Rom featuring extra clues, suspect profiles and forensics databases. Comprehensive information booklet written by real Forensics Officers detailing techniques used in their exciting job and some famous cases. Full instructions, hand book, crime scene tape, evidence bags, officers badge and case files

Become a Crime Scene Examiner. Use real life forensics techniques to examine evidence left behind a 4 interconnected crime scenes all committed during one day in the usually sleepy London Borough of White Chapel.

The Mystery of Lyle and Louise: Blood Splatter Analysis Kit (Quantity: 2)

Grade 9-College. Blood spatter is found at a cabin crime scene. Your students must determine how the splatter formed. Students learn the techniques for blood-spatter pattern analysis. Students drop synthetic blood, from different heights and angles, onto paper, then measure the size and shape of those drops. Then they use a spreadsheet program to analyze data and build a mathematical model. They apply the mathematical model to blood-spatter patterns—simulated with a cardboard model—in the cabin. Contact June for the electronic documents for this kit.

Who Owns These Bones? Kit (Quantity: 2)

How much can you learn about individuals by simply examining their bones? That’s what students find out as they become forensic detectives in a local missing persons case. The kit comes with a set of 3 plastic bones (skull, arm bone, and leg bone) that were recently unearthed from a field near the school. After examining and identifying the bones, students use skeletal characteristics to determine as much information as possible about the person – including race, gender, and height. This forensics education kit includes instructions and the Carolina™ Guide to Bone Forensics.

Ravensburger Science X CSI Crime Scene Investigation Activity Kit (Quantity: 3) | Ages 8 and up

• Includes instructions, supplies, and scientific explanations for 12 different forensic activities!
• Includes magnifying glass, plastic bottle, measuring tape, tweezers, pipette, safety goggles, packet of plaster, 5 small crime scene baggies, filter paper, funnel, roll of dough, insect card, small tube, small tube holder, clue card, 10 crime scene cards, 5 fingerprint cards, and ID badge
• Provides playful experience with key principles of biology, forensic science, and more

Where Science, Fun and Learning Collide!
Who ‘dun it? World-renowned criminologist Mark Benecke shares his top-secret tips in this 12-activity forensics kit from Ravensburger. Analyze crime scenes, collect evidence, identify fingerprints and tire treads, even isolate DNA, then put your detective skills to use as you solve a robbery, detect a liar, and more! Follow the (scientific) clues and you’ll solve the case!

Entomology Evidence Collection Kit, Basic (Quantity: 3)

Entomological or insect evidence can be a valuable tool in assisting the investigator in determining time of death. This evidence depends on determining the species and stage of growth of insects associated with the victim’s body. The contents of this kit will provide the proper tools to collect and preserve insects on, under, and around the body for examination by a forensic  entomologist. It is important to collect samples of each type and stage of insect present and to carefully note time and date of collection in addition to conditions of the body and surroundings such as weather, temperature, soil type, etc.

Resources: Forensic Entomology Introduction | SFU Museum