Staff Development

Office of Commonwealth Libraries
Continuing Education (CE) Guidelines for Public Library Staff

Receive Continuing Education Credit for online workshops or webinars you complete.
Webinar Evaluation Form  (PDF) you can mail your information from this. – Use these forms to receive CE credit for online workshops or webinars you attend.

Upcoming Workshops

Wednesday, November 15th
Connecting with Elected Officials
James V Brown Lowry Room
10AM to 3PM

Friday, December 8th
Employment Law with David Spitko
James V Brown Library, Lowry Room
10AM to 3PM

Friday, September 8th
Caring for Photographic Collections
James V Brown Library, Lowry Room

WebJunction PA offers courses and webinars for ongoing professional development and continuing education credits for library staff.    Here is a list of  training and courses available and  events. These free events and recorded webinars allow you to meet and learn from library leaders and fellow library practitioners.

Finding Health and Wellness @ the Library: A Consumer Health Toolkit for Library Staff is designed to help librarians and library staff build competencies in providing health information services to library users.  The online Toolkit links to hundreds of websites, audio and video files, printed resources, and online training materials, with a focus on prevention, wellness, and healthy living.

The Toolkit includes interactive elements to make it easy to navigate. It can also be used as a printed reference document, with additional features to help readers find information quickly.

Archived Presentations

Communication Skills for Front Line Staff:
Successful communication is treating people with civility while you get your message across: the balance between maintaining good workplace relationships and getting the work done. Topics include how to lower negative emotions, increase positive energy and improve your influence with library users and coworkers. Presentation by Pat Wagner.

Handouts and information-view/view  before presentation
Public Library Customer Service: (What Makes It Different from Bookstore Customer Service?)

“Creating a Safe Library Workplace” presented by Pat Wagner
In this timeless presentation for both small and large libraries Pat Wagner looks at the following:

  • What is a safe library?
  • What attitude is important from the staff and administration to be safe?
  • What policies affect a safe work place and how do you create a safe and productive environment.
  • How do you partner with local social agencies to create a safe library environment.

(It is best to open the PowerPoint Slide presentation linked below in another tab and then listen to the audio files on this page )