Paid Services

Paid Service Workspace

Graphic Design, Laminating, Printing, and Cleaning of CDs and DVDs

Price list of extra services offered:
Graphic Layout and Design (Graphic Artist, Amanda Emig) – $35 per hour
  • 8.5″x11″ 25 cents per sheet
  • 8.4″x14″ 30 cents per sheet
  • 11″x17″ 50 cents per sheet
For quantities over 500, please contact June Houghtaling for pricing.
Laminating would be an additional 10 cents per sheet. Double sided would be double the cost of printing.

Posters (22″x28″) $15.00 ($25 for laminated). Printed on photographic paper.

VHS to DVD conversion – $10 for 120 minutes. Duplicate DVDs $10.00 per DVD
(Must be owner of material. We DO NOT convert Disney VHS tapes or any other copyrighted materials to DVD).
Disc cleaning (CDs and DVDs) – $2 per disc . Cleans, restores, and removes scratches