Community Engagement

What to Expect from Libraries in the 21st Century

Why do we still need libraries in the age of digital, real-time information? In this emotional talk, Pam Sandlian Smith shows how she works to use the library as a hub for community-based knowledge creation and discourse.

Community Engagement Resources

Action Guide for Re-Envisioning Your Library (PDF)

To help library and community leaders use the report, Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, the Aspen Institute created the Action Guide for Re-Envisioning your Public Library, a set of resources for convening a community dialogue and helping communities take action to re-envision their own public library.

This action guide contains worksheets to be used:

  • for evaluating the current level of activity and support for the library and to determine goals and action steps
  • as a guide for planning and convening a community dialogue
  • for talking points to use in community outreach
  • for links to other resources

Libraries Transforming Communities

Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC) — an initiative of the American Library Association — seeks to strengthen librarians’ roles as core community leaders and change-agents.

Forums Facilitate Important Community Conversations

Sno-Isle Libraries, held a series of four community forums on a specific topic throughout the two-county library district they serve in western Washington; this was the 12th topic around which we’d created a series of forums as a part of our Issues That Matter programming series.